A Letter from the Pastor - April 15th

Dearest Parishioners,

You are on my mind and in my prayers every day that we live out this very difficult period of social distancing and painful separation from our loved ones.

Holy Week and Easter were just not the same for me without your presence in St. Teresa Church and in my life.

As I celebrated a private Mass on Palm Sunday, I savored a memory of blessing palms which you, my Parishioners, held in the palms of your own hands.

As I celebrated a private Mass on Holy Thursday, I savored a memory of you, my Parishioners, kneeling in prayer before the Altar of Repose.

As I prayed on Good Friday, I savored a memory of you, my Parishioners, praying the Stations of the Cross with me.

As I celebrated a private Mass on Holy Saturday, I savored a memory of lighting the Paschal Candle from which Candles were lighted which you, my Parishioners, held during the Procession.

As I celebrated a private Mass on Easter Sunday, I savored a memory of sprinkling you, my Parishioners, with Holy Water.

These memories and so many, many more are precious to me because you are all so precious to me, as well.

Just as the Passion of Good Friday led to the Glory of the Resurrection, the days that we are currently living will come to a time of Revival for us.

Simply to anticipate a time of reunion, when we can all be together again, is a most comforting thought. Especially consoling is the knowledge that at the end of this period of isolation we will be praising God together in the celebration of the Eucharist.

As I close, please let me thank you, most wholeheartedly, for your continued love for and support of St. Teresa Parish.

Be Safe! Be Careful! Be Well!


Fr. Jim Cunningham

P.S.  Personally, I am also consoled by the goodness of so many who have mailed their envelopes to the rectory or who have made donations online to the Parish. Thank you for your generosity. To serve your convenience, a listing of online Masses is included as the closing of my postscript.

Where to watch broadcasted Masses:

St. Teresa Website: Masses from St. Leo the Great Church in Amherst are live-streamed at www.stteresabuffalo.com at 4 PM & 5 PM Saturdays, 8 AM, 9 AM, 10 AM & 11 AM Sundays, and 8 AM Mon-Sat. Online donations to St. Teresa Parish are also welcomed at www.stteresabuffalo.com .

EWTN TV: Spectrum Channel 10 or live feed at www.EWTN.com , 8 AM, 12 PM, 7 PM, and 12 AM every day including weekends.

WNYO My TV Buffalo: Sunday Masses at either 8 AM or 8:30 AM, On Broadcast TV Ch. 49, Spectrum/Verizon Ch. 8, Satellite TV Ch. 49, 207, and 239.

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