A Pentecost Message from Fr. Jim Cunningham, Pastor 🔥

Dear Friends in Christ, 

On Sunday, May 31st, 2020, the Church celebrates the Feast of Pentecost. With this celebration the Easter season comes to an end. It was so sad to have Easter and the weeks from April 12th to May 31st, the Easter season, that is, as a time of social distancing and forced isolation. I missed you, my beloved Parishioners, who, I am sure, miss coming to Church and meeting with "Parish Family" members. "In Our Father's House There Are Many Dwelling Places" (John14:1-4). In our hearts there are many loved ones dwelling within who are perpetually in our thoughts, especially throughout this pandemic.

The Fruits of the Holy Spirit, the real gifts of Pentecost, enable us to go forth to meet the demands that are placed upon us by so many and by so many societal expectations.

As we look forward to being together once again as a "Parish Family"; as we look forward to being at home with our extended families; and as we look forward to being reunited with others whom we meet in the normal activities of our lives, let us always remember that it is the Grace of God that permits us to appreciate life and to appreciate so many others who make our lives so special.

Our Lord showed us by the example of His Life the many kind and affectionate gestures that sustain our relationships with family, friends, and acquaintances. As we attempt to follow in Our Lord's Footsteps of Love, let us keep a Prayer in our hearts for all whom we love and for all who grace our lives.

"Father, through Your good counsel and loving plans, please take care of all for whom we hold in prayer today. May your Blessings of good health and spiritual prosperity be Your Gifts to our loved ones and to all who fill our lives with joy."

Whatever your special prayers for others, please know that in my prayers I am thinking of you, my "Parish Family." I long for our reunion.

Much love,

Father Jim Cunningham

May 20, 2020

Link to full email: https://mailchi.mp/…/pentecost-message-from-st-teresa-parish

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