An Ascension Thursday Message from Fr. Jim

This Thursday, May 21st, is Ascension Thursday.  Each year as I celebrate Mass and prepare a homily for this particular feast, I cannot help but think of the 12 Apostles who witnessed the Lord's Ascension into Heaven.  How very lost and forlorn they must have been feeling as they watched the Lord's ascension.

We all know the feeling of loss.  We only come through life's losses with the help of the Lord. 

Ten days after Our Lord's ascension into Heaven, the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles to give them grace and courage and, as well, to squelch their feelings of loss.  The Grace's of the Holy Spirit filled their lives with the strength to go on as chosen Disciples of the Lord.   It is only through the Grace of the Holy Spirit that we are enduring this pandemic and this subsequent period of social distancing and isolation.

I miss my Parishioners, and I long for the return of public Masses.  In the interim, let us pray wholeheartedly for each other.

God's Love,
Father Jim Cunningham

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