The Schedule of Public Masses Resumes at St. Teresa! Here's a Welcome and Some Procedures to Follow in Church

Following new directives from the bishop, we are excited to announce the return of the regular schedule of public Masses, starting Wednesday, June 10th
  • Daily Masses: 9:30 AM Mondays - Saturdays (please note the change to the Saturday morning daily Mass time)
  • Weekend Masses: 4:30 PM Saturday and 8:45 AM & 11 AM Sunday.
Realizing the importance of your health, Fr. Jim welcomes you to return in person to Mass. If you feel uncomfortable because of your individual health situation, please continue to feel free to watch Mass online. We ask that if you are not feeling well that you please stay at home. The bishop has lifted the Sunday obligation during this time of Pandemic. 

To ensure everyone is safe at Mass, please follow these guidelines at church:
  • All in the congregation must bring and wear a face mask or covering at all times (age 2 and up). 
Please bring and use your own hand sanitizer. Please sanitize your hands when entering and leaving church. Also in your pew, please sanitize your hands before and after receiving Communion. 

Receiving Communion during the Pandemic
  • Communion will take a little longer than usual.
  • Communion will be distributed from the front center aisle only. Please return by way of the side aisles to the left or right.
  • In the Communion line: please keep a 6-foot distance from the next person in line.
  • Keep your face mask on, even when approaching the priest or minister. 
  • As usual, the minister will say, “The Body of Christ,” and the response is “Amen.”
  • Receive with cupped hands placed adjacent to each other to make more room for the Host to be dropped into your hands. Do not place one hand over the other as usual since the minister will have to drop the Host into your hands (from a short distance). Communion on the tongue is not permitted at this time. 
  • After receiving the Host in your hands, step to the side to consume the Host. Briefly remove your mask to consume the Host and then put the mask back on to return to your pew. You might make a sign of the cross at this time.

The priest, ministers, and ushers will be following protocols to ensure that everyone at Mass is safe. Following these procedures should ensure that everyone stays safe.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Mass in person once again!

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